Event landing page development services

An event is a happening that’s connected to your brand that you want to bring up to your audience. That is, you inform your clients and followers about the event you organize. And as well as your brand has a specific identity, the event should have its own. Landing pages are dedicated one-page event websites that are tuned for a specific goal, to cover the distinguished necessity. As the event is a standalone event, it is the event landing page that should be used for it.

Features of the best event landing page

You spend efforts, time and money to organize the event & attract people to it. So the event page design should correspond to your goals and go in line with your vision in order to spend your resources wisely.

That is, such page shall be:

Every visitor of it shall clearly understand within 10-15 seconds what this is about (the event’s name, essence, location, time and cost).

Use short phrases and as less words as possible to squeeze out only the essence, informing even those readers who pay a half of attention to your event registration landing page.

This means that users shall know what to do next. They shall be driven to register using the distinguished buttons fitting the design but easily visible. After the basic information about the event is submitted, a visitor has to clearly get what to do next: push the button and fill in the form.

Although you benefit from knowing your visitors, be shure to dry out the gathered information only to minimum must-know fields. Otherwise, you can scare away the registrants.

In the end, you want to convert the visitors of the page into visitors of your event. If the page you’ve done is clear and comprehensive, it’ll provide you with the best conversion rate and so every seat in your room will be filled.

Make sure your event landing page’s design answers all the questions of your audience & gets to the same vibe they are on when savoring the upcoming visit to you. If you need a good landing page you can contact us and our experts will make it.