Medical landing page development

Medicine is the area that people in the developed countries spend their money at the most. The US medicine area only embraces 3 trillion dollars yearly and if you want to stay afloat of this sea of money, you have to effectively attract customers. The online presence is no longer optional but a must. Your medical landing page shall answer the primary questions of a visitor and we’re going to consider them below.

Answer the search needs of your customer

Think about mobile users. With more people every year using their mobile phones to search for the information, you have to create a page that will fit their screens. Although, it is still the best to keep in mind that about a half of users still use their laptops, the mobile version of a medical website is what will make your leads happy. You can make two separate versions of a landing page or the one that will cohesively work on both types of devises.

Be clear. The medical area is one of the most entangled due to all these medical terms and information you want to share with your patient. However, this isn’t a site where you can have a ton of dedicated pages to keep a holistic touch with your visitors. Medical landing page design’s task in one – conversion. So make the text short and leave behind everything else for a personal visit. 

Questions. What your patient are looking for the most? Your location, healthcare services list, price and working hours. Provide the immediate answers on these questions on your medical landing page and you will withdraw almost any necessity to search elsewhere. 

Price. While the price is something that medicine tends to exaggerate and confuse you with, if you privide the (approximate) cost of each service at once (using the in-built calculatorin the design, for instance), your patients will thank you.

So, let’s sum up the mentioned above in the medical landing page development:


Mobile friendliness




Answering the most essential questions