Mobile landing page development services

The use of mobile gadgets is the global trend that is known for sure won’t decline in any observable future. Based on different sets of statistics, more than 50% of Internet users only use mobile phones on a daily basis. Each second user of a smartphone grabs it in the first seconds after awakening. Already this year, mobile-only users will globally excel the laptop-only users 3 times. This is the heftiest reason why you should considerably tune your mobile landing page.

The features of mobile versions of landing pages

A smartphone is a device that people use on the go. Using it, they mostly play, socialize in the nets of social media, make purchases, and browse through the news. Calling and texting gradually become secondary functions.

So the task of a mobile landing page is to make it convenient to browse and fill in the forms for such people on the go in different environmental conditions, first of which is changeable illumination. The second task is to make the view of a page fitting all screen resolutions, which are in a hefty amount today, taking into account all existing manufacturers, brands, and models.

Mobile-friendly pages differ from the PC/laptop versions of landing pages somewhat smaller than landing pages differ from pages of regular ‘information-heavy’ sites but also have distinctive features:

  • Graphical content is the main focus. Any text plays an auxiliary role in informing users of the essence of the proposition. The graphic design of a mobile landing page is what shall make users order, sign up, buy…
  • The first screen matters the most. Sure, it’s easier to scroll down the page on mobile devices than on a laptop. But if a visitor needs to scroll more than 1 time to get the idea of your landing page and sign up or pay for anything, you may want to reconsider your approach.
  • Large blocks of information must be fully visible within one screen of the mobile landing page design
  • Functionality matters – the site should load and scroll fast, everything must be visible at once, without a need to wait for it to appear (due to much shorter spans of attention of mobile users).

Some wit ideas to make a good design of a mobile-only page

Below, we provide you with some mobile landing page best practices that you might find useful to create the best mobile landing page:

  • Around 3 of 4 users will abandon the site if it loads too long without even looking at it. So make sure everything loads in 1…5 seconds.
  • Remember about the convenience. Nobody wants to fill in long forms with multiple questions from their mobile. People hesitate to read the small inscriptions as it clearly says it’s not mobile-friendly.
  • Think about the comfort of using the site with 1 hand. Two hands are a luxury today and not always, the users use both when they interact with a phone. Even quite the opposite – 1 hand is preferable. This impacts the design: the graphical elements must be located in a way not to make hindrances to see them under a hand. Also, it would be super awesome to make users increase some elements with one hand, although it is the best to avoid a need to scale at all.
  • Geotarget your audience.
  • A keyboard to input data must be adjusted to fit the screen. If possible, all variables must be implemented as the dropdown list(s) at the stage of the development.
  • Do not place more than 1-2 CTAs on a mobile landing page. Ideally, 1 button or 1 form must do all the job and they should be visible on the first or second screen.
  • A visitor of your landing page can’t make the instant choice? Leave the option of ‘Buy later’ and return to a visitor with a stipulating reminder.
  • Make them pay attention and understand at once without a need to ponder what they have just opened. Image of your brand identity and nicely associable picture on your mobile landing will do a good job.
  • Exclusivity focus. Offer some great deal specifically on mobile, limiting the time of action of an offer. The time should be shorter than for laptop or PC version.

Tuning your mobile landing page development for specific needs of smartphones users, you can receive a nice conversion rate letting your audience stay informed on your offers.

If you need a good landing page you can contact us and our experts will make it.