Sales page design services

We can make sales page design for your objectives. We will create an awesome sales page with good conversion rate and one of the best design!

Sales pages (SP) have much in common with landing pages (LP). The main feature is that they are sharpened to one goal. But they do have differences:

  • Long or short sales pages are targeted to sell while landing has not only this but also other goals: inform, receive a subscriber, upload some PDF…
  • Can have multiple CTAs while LP usually don’t
  • May sell a set of different merchandise while LPs are focused on one
  • The main task of sales page design is to sell right now or in the shortest possible future.

Sales pages types and functionality

There are two types of functionality of sales pages: Long and short. Each their design has own advantages (+) and disadvantages (—).

Long SP:



Answer all possible questions of the target audience in details

May irritate or bore visitors

Highlight everything essential a prospect may wanna know

A prevailing number of people don’t like to read more than a few minutes

Good for SEO promotion

Need a long designing and copywriting process

Short SP:



Shoot the information in a laconic and clear way without a zillion of words

Not so good for SEO

Answer the basic questions, leaving most of the readers satisfied

May not inform the customers on all the issues they want to know

It is only your business, which version of SP design you want to create and whether your choice will be prevailing over the landing page. But in any case, you should have these things elaborated:

  • Know your audience and submit answers to their questions.
  • Come up with a sales funnel in the design.
  • CTA still matters for marketing. You can have several.
  • Make the A/B testing and implement its results.
  • The design shall distinguish you but be friendly and swift for changes.
  • Write good texts that answer and convert. Use positivity – it sells the best.
  • Headlines must attract vision and answer the most questions.
  • Mobile friendliness of the service is a must.
  • Add video and pictures but not make the page too heavy to open promptly.

Above we’ve submitted some pieces of advice for sales page design hoping to make this world a better place. And reach more sales.

If you need a good sales page you can contact us and our experts will make it.