Startup landing page development services

If you are a start-upper, you specifically need a catchy startup landing page that will make a good conversion rate, which is crucial at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial way. Value the time of the customer, who (trust us) often has better things to do than to poke around in the lousy made landing. Let us give some good pieces of advice you can make it the best.

Tips you might find useful

Define the problem. Offer the solution.

You client comes to you for a practical and reachable solution. You shall name the problem first, declare that you can help with solving it (using your product), and then, offer your product directly with a CTA (button of order). To make the conversion rate more effective, you can put the solution at the top of everything on a business landing page, saying at once that a client’s problem will be solved. For instance, if they want to find a nice house to buy, you can offer “15 Steps to Buy a House of Your Dream: From Idea to Moving In Using the (Your App’s Name)” (for instance).

Use a good copyrighting.

Textual relevance hasn’t yet been canceled by anyone. First, this must find its application in the headings – pay attention to the one in the previous paragraph. Headings and text at the stage of startup landing page development must be:

  • catchy
  • relevant
  • solving a client’s problem
  • measurable
  • laconic.

Nobody will read a sheet of text filled with ample jungles of your thoughts, even if your product is super good. Is it good? Then make it shine like a diamond using a few catchy phrases and great visual component of the startup landing page design.

The design of your brand must match with the landing page & with your promo campaigns.

Make everything in one branding – it’s one of the crucial steps during the beginning. You will be able to play with your brand identity later, after a successful launch that will push your further development.

Make the focus on your primary clients.

Describe your product in a way to kill all gray spots in the understanding of your product. “Do I need this product? Does it fit me?” – such thoughts must be unambiguously answered. Catchy heading + thorough but laconic explanation + ease of submission of information = a delighted client who doesn’t think after reading that he had wasted his time.

Fast upload.

If your landing page loads more than 5 seconds, nobody will read it. People tend to spend hours on roaming in search for proper information but they won’t wait for extra seconds until a page loads. It’s just a psychology of modern Internet users.

Think about the good conversion rate all the time.

You can put one big red button in the first screen of your landing or do it several times throughout the text – the choice is yours. But keep this close to a client’s vision – when he wants to be converted into your client from a prospect, he shall find the button fast.

The importance of a landing page for a startup

Right after the launch, when the startups are at the stage of a need to earn money, the conversion rate becomes the primary importance. In a short time, you need to have many clients to your business at least to reach the indices of your ‘lower expected income’ that you have drawn in your business plan to recoup the investments. And so the effectiveness of the startup landing page is hard to overestimate.

Here are a few more pieces of advice to the development of the design that might be of help:

  • Do not put distractive or unnecessary elements on your landing page. Everything must be only focused on one CTA and nothing more.
  • Do you have a set of differing solutions for various needs of clients? That’s good! Now make a separate landing page for each separate solution. One landing = one product = one land. It should be easy and transparent. Nobody wants to know why you’ve placed “Mega Codec Pack for Android V.” together with “Muscle Weigh Gainer Ultra Hardcore 4-liters Can”. Otherwise, both audiences will be lost – guaranteed.
  • Testimonials matter. Feedback from other users tends to be believed by 88% of the other users. Far more than any beautiful words from a company itself. Only make them real (or look as real).

If you need a good landing page you can contact us and our experts will make it.